2011 marks my 16th year of teaching. Through those 16 years, I have read many books, spent a fortune on videos, and have attended multiple golf schools. Without question, I can relate to those who strive to become better at this game.

The bottom line is this: teaching, no matter how finite, will be rendered useless if one does not master grip pressure! With grip pressure comes fluidity of movement, which facilitates balance and allows the body to react to all the incredible things that occur in the process of swinging the club. Dean Reinmuth expresses this,"the swing will take shape when tension is removed."

I know many don't believe this notion or want to understand the importance of grip pressure, for at one point I did not either. You may ask, “What about swing plane? What about Ben Hogan, Jim Hardy, or Hank Haney?” They emphasize swing plane. According to the PGA, it was Seymour Dunn who was first credited with the plane concept in the early 1900's. So, swing plane has been around a long time, and it is a reference point. Yes, swing plane is just a geometric reference to balance. In my mind, the club will not move through space and stay in balance if the hands are tight. ( If you want to test the relationship between balance and tension, then get on a balance beam and try to walk across it with your muscles flexed.)

Dave Pelz, in his Putting Bible, states that there is no truer force than gravity. Gravity is unavoidable. This is the foundation of my teaching. I try to take things out of the swing that corrupt the interplay between the club, body, and gravity.

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